I Heart Sausage!

And now I can make it myself with my Universal Meat Chopper!

Universal Model 323

Universal Model 323

I think I remember my parents having one of these, and I also think I remember we made sausage with it one year.  It was only five bucks at the Methodist Church Rummage Sale!

I checked on Ebay and that’s a really reasonable price–most are going for more than that, and then there’s shipping.  Despite the “vintage” classification most sellers are using for this item, it’ll get regular use in my kitchen.  Hmm–that’s a fine idea for the rest of those ducks still in my freezer!

Lots of other fun stuff at the rummage, though I had to restrain myself from buying the old Atlas and Ball quart canning jars (25 cents apiece!).  I have too many quart jars already–though the old, intact jars don’t have as much tendency to break in the canner as the newer ones. They just don’t make ’em like they used to!

I did pick up an old wooden shoe (hanging out with the Dutch too long, I guess) for a buck and a purple mesh “circular file” for our office area.  Maybe this’ll help me get rid of the junk mail before it gets too far in the door.


3 responses

  1. My mom used hers all of the time when I was a kid! I remember her grinding up cooked chicken and making the best chicken salad! Great find!

  2. I was just talking about this. My Mom had one and I remember helping her make her Thanksgiving stuffing. We had to find the perfect spot on the kitchen table to secure it. I had so much fun (and boy was it work) working in the kitchen with my Mom grinding all the ingredients. Thanks for bringing me back in time.

  3. I remember helping my grandparents make homemade potato sausage at their house when I was growing up. In fact they use a grinder just like this still today.

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