Crab Apple Jelly and a Potluck Party!

I’ve never made jelly before.  Generally I prefer preserves, conserves, butters, and the like.  But I just could not resist with these gorgeous crabapples.  And then there was my mom, hinting “I like crabapple jelly!”

Here it is, all thirteen jars with the Putting Food By recipe.

Crab Apple Jelly

Crab Apple Jelly

Note the recipe in PFB results in approximately 5 half-pints of jelly.  I doubled the recipe and got thirteen jars.  I am guessing it will gel nicely, as it was gelling all over everything–spoon, cup, pot, sink.

So, now, with about twenty minutes to spare, I need to get cleaned up for the annual English Dept. potluck party.  I was planning some sort of elaborate dish–trying to top myself from the previous year, and knowing that the English Dept. boasts some very fine cooks.

In the end, I’m thankful I went with a very simple tomato salad, prepared while the crabapples were cooking down and releasing their juices.  Jelly is a lot of work!

Mixed Tomato Salad

Mixed Tomato Salad

There are about seven or eight different kinds of tomatoes in here–orange, red, black, pink, yellow.  The seasoning is simple as well–a bit of lemon basil, elephant garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  A teensy bit of white balsamic vinegar.

OK–clean-up time.


4 responses

  1. to think there was a time i hated tomatoes . . . i’m glad my tastes have changed . . . that salad looks beautiful (and congrats on your initiation into jelly) 😀

  2. Now if I can just get Martin to appreciate tomatoes!

    I think I might’ve set that process back a bit last summer, when I tried to get him to eat a cherry tomato–he took into his cheek like a squirrel, and I squished his cheek.

    The resulting “pop” caused him to barf all over the floor. Serves me right!

  3. Embarrassingly enough, I have not even cracked open a jar to taste! I’ve been so busy canning other goodies that I’m waiting ’til the snow flies. I have this superstition about opening any of this year’s canning until all of the canning for the season is done.

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