CSA Newsletter: Volume 4, Issue 17

Flying Tomato Farms News

A newsletter for members of Flying Tomato Farms C.S.A.

Vol. 4, Issue 17


Today’s newsletter will be a short one, as I am juggling several things at once. Fall semester classes at USD officially begin at 4pm, but with my online classes, students began trickling in at 7:20 this morning. So, I am going between harvesting in the rain this morning (more on that later), filling bags, writing this newsletter, and getting welcome e-mails out, plus answering student e-mails and responding to student introductions. It has been an overly hectic day!

The rain was a great blessing—we hadn’t had any in over two weeks, and things were looking a bit dry. I may have jumped the gun a bit in seeding spinach last week, but hopefully the cooler temperatures will help it germinate. The stir-fry mix is up, and growing fast. The cukes are on their last gasp—I was able to get three in each delivery today, but two, one, or none is the more likely scenario for next week.

With the cucumbers going, I am working on cleaning up the kale that’s been growing underneath. The cabbage moths and their young have been doing some damage under there, so I am removing the bug-eaten leaves and sprinkling them with diatomaceous earth now that I can more easily get to them.

Speaking of cabbage—I have some transplants I’ll be getting in this week and crossing my fingers that they mature before the end of the season. They are smaller, faster-maturing varieties, so it is possible, if not probable.


A big box of mixed tomatoes, plus cucumbers, sweet peppers, a hot pepper, beans, and a couple of onions.

I may have mistakenly named the larger yellow-orange tomatoes in the boxes recently as Hillbilly Potato Leaf. They are actually Nebraska Wedding (yes, I may be growing too many kinds of tomatoes if I can’t remember them all!). The smaller yellow tomatoes are Yellow Perfection. You’re also getting a few more Stupice, San Marzano, Red Zebra, and a blend of cherry tomatoes. A few of you got black Nyagous (smaller) or Black from Tula (bigger), and a couple got Zapotec Pleateds.

Everyone got at least one little Lemon cucumber today; there are also some Summer Dance and Straight Eight in the mix.

For sweet peppers—everyone got three bell peppers and one Italian Sweet that’s turning red. I’m getting a few red ones now, but these plants (a new variety for me) are not very sturdy, and many of the ripening fruits have damage from dragging on the ground. In subsequent years, I’ll be sure to cage this variety to keep the fruits in better shape, so we can have more, nicer sweet red peppers.

The yellow pepper is once again Hungarian Hot Wax.

The beans are heirloom yellow Marvel of Venice (also called Mont D’Or) and green Northeasters. We should be getting slightly bigger portions in the next couple of weeks now that we’ve got a nice, soaking rain.

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