I am typing this very slowly, and in between several breaks to lie down.  I’ve had a fairly serious neck injury–not broken or anything, but terribly painful and frustrating.

A couple weeks ago, I put my neck out with the constant loading and unloading of blocks and manure, and not thinking it terribly serious, I waited until my insurance kicked in a couple days ago to visit my chiropractor.  After five years of no health coverage, it seemed reasonable to tough it out.

Actually, I might’ve waited even longer had it not been for the Wednesday night lecture, during which my neck seized up so badly, I was interlacing my fingers behind my head and pressing my fingers into the spaces between my vertebra to try to loosen it up, so I could walk home.

It’s incredibly frsutrating to be lying around, wide awake, thinking about all the things on the to-do list–and smelling the flat of tomatoes sitting by my couch, where I’ve been spending the last couple of days, slowly collapsing into decay and being able to do absolutely nothing about it.

The bed expansion project has not been finished–and now I’m not sure when it will be.  It’s actually a sort of blessing that the truck broke down on the way to pick up another load of manure Wednesday, or I might be in even worse shape than I am!

The truck is fixed, and I used it to pick up Harry at the airport this morning and to go see the chiropractor again this afternoon, but now it’ll have to sit for a few days–too painful to drive.  I’ll be missing the Dakota Rural Action Land Stewardship Steering Committee meeting in Madison this weekend as well.

I feel a like everything has sort of crashed–after a number of incredibly productive days and weeks, I’m playing the part of the invalid.  But at least Harry is back, and there’ll be someone around to keep an eye on me in case things really deteriorate.  We can order in, kick back and watch the presidential debate, and try to forget about the pain for awhile.


4 responses

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your neck injury. I know what it feels like to be laid up, unable to do anything but think about all the things that need to be done. I hope you enjoyed the presidential debates, ordering in and having Harry there to take care of you! Take care.

  2. you may want to skip the v.p. debates, then . . .those are sure to be painful. 😉 oh, and keep your chin up if you’re able. seriously, though. I hope your pain dissipates soon. i know you don’t enjoy being still, but perhaps now is the time to do it. Relax into wellness…

  3. Matt–

    Actually, I’m looking forward to that debate. The constant cringing might be good for my neck muscles and get my spine back in alignment!

    I am working a little at a time, and treating each project like it’s the only thing I have to do. It’s very Zen, and it is helping. So will the massage I have scheduled for tonight!


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