Finally Back in Line

Three chiropractic adjustments and two massage therapy sessions later, my neck is finally back where it should be. I’ll have one more check-up/adjustment on Monday to make sure it stayed put, and then I should probably just go in monthly or every-other-month to watch my tendency to get out of whack.

Now, a hot bath with some rosemary essential oil to relax a little and quell any resultant stiffness, and back to work. Tomatoes to process and papers to grade; discussion postings to read and a wrap-up lecture to compose.

It’s good to be approaching normal! I was starting to wonder what “normal” was…

You know, what kills me is that insurance doesn’t cover massage therapy, which for me has been the best treatment to stay pain-free. But preventative medicine doesn’t make the insurance companies and hospitals a lot of money, I guess.

Now that my favorite doctor has left the Medical Clinic, I am at a loss as to whom I should see if I do need an M.D. But, I’ve noticed that the care they provide there more often than not just treats the symptoms. In the best case scenario, it does not address the cause of my pain or illness, and in the worst, their care causes a cascade of other problems (like the antibiotic/yeast infection cycle we ladies love so much).

Most of the time I know better what’s wrong with me (and why) than a doctor does. But, I’ve also noticed that if you presume to know what’s wrong with you when you walk into a clinic, many M.D.s seem to feel trespassed upon–as if it takes all that medical school for a person to know the mind and body they live and work with every day.


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