Power in the People!

Seeing all that anger and hate at the McCain rallies is scary.  You’d think, by the invective there, they’d be ready to riot and kill if Obama wins, or even riot and kill to prevent him from winning.

Still, you never know how those voting machines will skew, and from what I’ve heard, the sentiment on the other side isn’t nearly so extreme.  OK, there are a few who’ve sworn they’ll move to a real free country should McCain-Palin pull it off, but for the most part, what I feel and what I’m hearing is a simple, “get back to work” mentality.

Sure, I’d be incredibly depressed if somehow another Republican administration came to power. but what would I, personally, do about it?  Well, I guess I’d do what I’ve been doing: working to institute a strong local food system, working to connect farmer-producers directly with consumers, working to teach people meaningful and useful skills like writing and analyzing and growing and preserving.

I’m sure the federal government has important things to do, but so do I, and so do all members of all communities.  I don’t have a lot of faith in either party to make real change or create better lives for people or improve the “situation on the ground.”  That’s for us to do–you and me.

While my mood would be distinctly brighter should Obama-Biden win, and should the second go-round of the South Dakota abortion ban be flattened, and I’ll be even happier if B.J. Nesselhuf shrugs off his big-money state senate race opponent and Jerry Wilson (an actual Progressive!) gets on the Clay County Commission, either way these questions are answered I’ll keep doing the same things I’m doing already.

If anything, a McCain victory, a pass for the abortion ban, a Higman win and/or a Wilson loss will simply remind me of how much harder I need to work for meaningful change in my own community and region.

Obama’s mentioned how flawed that whole “top-down, trickle-down” mindset is, and he’s right–even about his own potential power as president.

The power is here.  The power is in the people.


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