The Simple Routines of the Season

Late this morning, I picked up a friend and went apple-picking.  Mostly, we picked the low-hanging fruit–I’d brought a ladder, but it wasn’t free-standing, so it didn’t help with those clusters of fruit way up and way out on the high branches.  I did climb up a little way and got a few extra of the nicest fruits I could reach straddling a branch about ten feet up.

Went out and visited the country garden–most all the tomatoes are done and dead–a few way over on the east side have managed to escape the cold.  I pulled a few purple carrots that have been in the ground some three or four months now, and took out the hog panel trellises that the cukes and a few tomatoes had grown on.

Covered the wild kales with cages–the deer have been in the garden–they ate some of H.’s grapes already and topped a couple of the leeks.  This coming Tuesday is the last of the deliveries for this year, and now it is all about cleaning and clearing.  The hoses coiled, the tools stowed, the trellises broken down.

On the way back into town, I stopped at Jones’, and after an idea seeded in my head by my apple-picking partner’s husband, I picked up some raisins, dried apricots and cranberries, and some mulling spice.  Now, the last few cups of a really bad bottle of brandy are soaking up better flavors from those mulling spices, and I’ll pour a bit in each jar of apple and dried fruit conserve I’ll be chopping and prepping tonight.


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