Finishing Up

While I was surprised to see the sun this morning after all the dire warnings of bad weather, the bad weather IS coming–with that red splotch of a blizzard warning I referenced yesterday moving slowly across the state.

I’m going to get out to the gardens in a bit to dig whatever leeks are left of reasonable size (and leave the rest for winter harvest or overwintering).  I’ll grab whatever young, tender, delicious kale leaves are still growing, and pluck a bunch of arugula and stir-fry mix that’s still going out there.

I’ll get going on dehydrating and pickling the remnants of hot peppers still lingering in baskets in my living room, and probably just go ahead and buy a brand-new melon baller for those pears in almond liqueur I haven’t got to yet (I did do the pear butter, and canned seven half-pints of that yesterday morning).

Too, I think I’ll look at how many leeks I’ve got and chop some for the dehydrator as well as keeping some I’ll use fairly quickly in the crisper drawer.  I’m eyeing all my stashes of canned goods in the pantry and the basement and stacked on the kitchen counter and have started thinking about holiday present boxes.  A few bags of dried peppers and leeks and dried tomatoes would make a nice gift as well.

I’m thinking this year’s holiday gifts will be almost all handmade and consumable–a nice remedy for the overwhelming crush of stuff that comes with the holidays.

Well, my bowl-of-soup brunch is done, and the sky is getting grey.  Time to get out and stock up before tonight’s rain/snow (that is, “wintry”) mix.


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