Unwelcome Guests

When the power came back on this afternoon, I set about making today’s pot of hot n’ hearty soup.  I got the sausages, onions, carrots, and garlic going in a little grapeseed oil, and when they were tender, I dumped in a bit of red wine, let them simmer a bit longer, then emptied the pot out into a big bowl.

Then I rinsed two cups of lentils and threw them in the empty pot with two quarts of water and came back to my desk to work online.  When I stepped back into the kitchen to check on the progress of the lentils, there were all these little floaty things in there.  You know–pantry moth larvae.  BLECH!

I took the pot off the heat and proceded to drain the water and rinse the lentils several more times.  It was more than icky.  But I did manage to get the extra protein I didn’t want drained off.  Considering how much water it took to rinse those uninvited guests out of the lentils (and they were in a sealed container–which means they were there from the store), I think I’ll just compost the rest of that container of lentils and start fresh.

Next time when I get home from the store, I’ll throw the entire bag of beans or grain or whatever in the freezer for a few days before I put it in the pantry.


2 responses

  1. but if there’s already moth larvae in the lentils when you freeze ’em, you’re still gonna have “floaty things” in your part, aren’t you? Or is this just the difference between consuming live critters vs. dead critters?

    on another note, i’ve learned again not to trust a recipe if it sounds to good to be true. found a chicken and rice soup recipe for the crock pot, which called for all ingredients to be thrown in (uncooked rice) and cooked for 6-8 hrs…at the end of 8 hours, the rice was still crispy. an or so later, still crispy…by then it was getting late, so i just left it on low for the night. the soup is now mushy but still edible. ah, well, at least it ain’t larvae!

  2. I have the idea it will kill them. I guess if they’re larvae, they’re not breeding, are they? I don’t know how so many could’ve got in there, but there were a lot. Maybe they’re not pantry moth larvae at all, but something else. Maybe they’re meal worms–which would make more sense since they seem to multiply. Gross all the same.

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