A big hoorah to the artist biographers from last night’s Artists’ Biography Project reception at the VAAC.  The biographies on display last night were some of the best yet.  H’s longer bio (the one they give you to take home when you are one of the artists selected) was a carefully-written narrative that is a pleasure to read.

I always feel so much lighter and full of possibility on the day after I emerge from a pile of essay critiques.  Today is no different, and this morning’s dapple of sun (though NOAA reports a ninety percent chance of showers before noon) and higher temperatures make almost anything seem possible.

I might climb up on my roof and clear out my gutters.  I’ve never actually been on my roof before–the lack of health insurance always seemed a good enough excuse when I had it (the excuse, not the insurance.  Now that I have the insurance, I don’t have the excuse).  I’m not particularly afraid of heights or anything, it’s just that I’ve had other workmen on my roof in that time to tell me what’s going on up there.

Too, if the rain isn’t too much of an issue, another afternoon jaunt with the dog seems in order.  We both could use the exercise.


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