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I haven’t been good for much today, having woke up with a headache that has slowly crept throughout my neck and clamped down on my temples until I finally decided to take something for it, oh, right about a minute ago.  If it gets any worse, it’ll be in migraine territory and that’s never fun.

I have been attempting to get the seed inventory finished–I’m pretty close now.  Then I can start making notes about what I’m missing and think I need.  And then I can allow myself a look at the catalogs.

I put aside a basket of extra seed and/or things I’m not planning on growing again for a possible seed swap event I’ve been writing about here but haven’t really mentioned to any of the appropriate authorities (whoever they are). I think it’d be fun to have a joint Community Garden/Vermillion Garden Club event–maybe at the library or something.

So far the basket contains some zinnias (purple/yellow/green), lots of different kinds of tomatoes (Red Zebras, Brandywines, Polish Linguisas, and more) and unusual greens (for these parts, anyhow: Hon Tsai Tai and Broccoli Raab).

Calendula, coreopsis, cucumbers.   Broccoli raab, borage, buttercup squash.  Lots of good stuff.  I’m getting rid of all the determinate tomatoes I’ve been growing (Taxi, Orange Blossom, Oregon Spring) because I’m switching entirely to Stupice for my early crop.

Radish Seed Pods & Seeds

Radish Seed Pods & Seeds

I still had some radish seed pods drying on the top of my fridge from the last Community Garden work day, so I shelled those out and put them in a labelled envelope.  I’m guessing this white variety will be pretty hardy since they spread all over the place in the garden all by themselves.

Overall, the seed inventory lets me think about what worked and what didn’t last season, and how I want to devise my strategy for next year’s growing season.  I’ll post more on that subject when I’m closer to a plan and further from a migraine.


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