My students sometimes give me great inspiration–they set my mind on various adventures and my fingers walking through the internet to search for answers and sometimes more questions.

And sometimes they inspire me, through their rather awkward fumblings toward a point not yet determined, to take a break from reading and do housework.  Such was this morning’s inspiration, which led me to scrub the lower kitchen cupboards.

They need a paint job badly, but I tend to save those kinds of projects for when H. is out of town, and I’ve stayed here.  I can make a grand mess of my house without anyone inconvenienced but myself, and I can take my time and work at odd hours if I like–playing music I might not want others to know I listen to.

But this morning’s inspiration started at the cupboards and rapidly expanded to the kitchen floor.  Then, since I was emptying the dirty floor-cleaning water in the toilet and getting clean water from the tub, I thought I might as well wash the bathroom rugs and wipe down that floor, too.

By now, the inspiration has worn off a bit, and I’m ready to go back into class for awhile and see if I can get some more of either the mind-expanding or housework-provoking kind.


5 responses

  1. None of those! Try Madonna, Tool, and some very squeaky European klezmer I’ve somehow taken a liking to.

    Tool is definitely scrubbing music in my book–especially scrubbing on your hands and knees when you’re pissed at someone–but I wasn’t.


  2. phwew. i was worried about a little Air Supply sneaking in there.

    wow. I’d never have pegged you as a Toolie. I’ve never tried them alongside scrubbing. I may try it when I scrub down my hardwood floor.

  3. I’m all out of love! I’m so lost without you!

    Argh. No, I can’t go there. We have Bear to thank for Tool in my music collection. And Chris for the Soundgarden. Both excellent heavy housework bands.


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