Monday Workout: Wimpy on the Elliptical, Ass-Kickin' on the Treadmill

After that first try on the elliptical machine a few days ago, I thought I’d give it another go this morning.  That thing really gets me sweating and gets my heart rate up.  But I just couldn’t hack more than ten minutes on it this morning, possibly due to the guy going ape-puckie on another one down the line–puffing and snorting and saying “YEAH” and “UGH” and “WOO” every few seconds.  I thought those kind of interjections were for rock stars and weight rooms.

So, I stepped off after my ten minutes/hundred calories and hopped on the treadmill next to H.  I spent about thirty minutes there, a third of it running and two-thirds walking at a good clip for a total of about 2 1/4 miles.  I’d forgotten to grab a magazine, so I just channeled the music Roshan was playing (grunge revival!) and kept at it.

The couple pounds I thought I might have lost was real!  Weighed myself again this morning (couldn’t yesterday as that part of the gym in locked on Sundays) and was pretty happy to see it held even after the fried apple pie and Hagen-Daz ice cream we couldn’t resist last night.  Gotta have a little treat now and again.

Another concession I’ve made to the weight-loss part of the getting-in-shape plan is to switch to 2% milk in my coffee and tea.  I’ve worked my way down to it–after months of farm cream (with the thick, buttery layer of fat on top), I traded down to whole milk a couple weeks ago and yesterday picked up the half-gallon of 2%.

Since I’m somewhat lactose intolerant, I was hoping for a quart bottle, but stock was low.  So, I’ll have to start looking for recipes to use it up before it goes bad–a sploosh in coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon doesn’t use up very much milk.  Strata?  Bread pudding?  More quiche?  I’d better be careful my trade-offs don’t lead me to even more indulgence!


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  1. Thanks, Maurey! Looks like I’m going to miss tonight’s yoga, though–waaaay too icy out there to go anywhere.

    Hmm, I need to stay warm–where were those cookies…?

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