Just when you thought it was safe to stay inside…

It’s about 40 degrees out there!  The air smells fresh and melt-y!  Go outside!

Reindeer at Rest

Reindeer at Rest

Santa has come and gone, the reindeer are resting in their stables, and it’s time to finish up final grades.  My two literature classes are waiting for me–I’ll do a little at a time over the next couple of days and get it all in before taking a couple of days’ break and diving into prep for the Spring 2009 semester.

But there’s no way I’m going to be inside all day today.  I sensed it last night, when the snow was soft instead of squeaky under my feet.  A little end-of-the-year thaw!  Time to get out and distribute the couple of gift bags I have left on my table and finally make it back to the gym after a full week’s hiatus.


2 responses

  1. Actually, she’s just acting shifty and tortured because I put them on her. I told her she looks pretty in them, but that doesn’t seem to make her happier about it.

    I only left them on long enough to take the picture. I guess like me, she just doesn’t feel comfortable getting all gussied up!


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