Grades Posted–Time to Relax (and clean up the corpses)

I’ve just finished posting the last of my final grades for the fall semester.  As is tradition with me, I don’t even look to see when the next semester is going to start until after I get them in.  Turns out, I have a couple weeks off–spring semester classes don’t start until the 14th of January.

Of course, I don’t really have all that time off: I may take a week maximum of lolling around until I go crazy and get back to work.  Besides, I want to do an overhaul on my poetry unit for literature and include some more current poets like Roethke and Auden.  An overhaul of the poetry reading schedule also means an overhaul of the lecture notes–I’ll have to write a whole new series of them for the new inclusions and re-think the unit’s essay assignment as well.

But for this afternoon, a meditation on how to spend this week’s time is in order.  Maybe some projects can be pulled out that have been on the back burner too long–painting the lower cupboards perhaps, or cleaning the basement.  I discovered a (dead) baby garter snake down in the cellar bathroom/laundry room this morning.  When I asked H how long it had been there, he said, “Oh, forever.”


Well, that’s the modern woman for you.  No longer encumbered by the drudgery of housework, she forges on to new and greater accomplishments while dead snakes and dust pile up in her basement.

But, I’ll deal with that a little later because it’s something like forty degrees out again (after yesterday’s chilly mid-twenty-degree highs) and I have a couple gifts still to distribute.  A walk would be a fine way to meditate on projects and build up my courage for the snake and bug corpse clean-up to come.


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