Back Up and Push

Spending my time this morning doing a long-overdue comprehensive backup of my computer files.  It has been far too long, thanks to the huge pain in the butt it is to switch my DVD drive over to write CDs.

I could use a zip drive or something, but I like to make disc back-ups.  The problem is that although it’s incredibly easy to switch from CD to DVD (everytime I boot up, it warns me that I can’t watch DVDs and gives me a one-click option to remedy that issue), going back to CD is not so smooth.

When I want to switch back over to write CDs, there’s an intricate, diving-into-the-wreck process of finding that one little spot where I can disable the DVD and re-enable the CD writer.  This time I wrote down the directions–almost getting lost when I backed out in order to write the steps in correct order.

Funny how this technology can take over our lives and cause us so much hassle and wasted time.  This is the third attempt where I’ve spent some time trying to re-acquaint myself with that process in recent weeks, but it’s been the first try when I’ve had enough time to be successful.  And they say technology will save us time and effort!

It’s a pretty nice day again today, so at some point, when it warms up enough to melt the sidewalks, I’ll get out and walk down to the gym.  Until then, I’ll be tied to my laptop ball-and-chain, makin’ copies.


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