New Year's Resolutions

To me, the new year begins after the solstice, but that’s not to say I don’t celebrate a little on December 31/January 1.  Too, I don’t think the new year is necessarily the best or only time to make a resolution.  But here we are at the end of the year, and I guess I could come up with a couple.

One is to get out and do some things I’ve planned on doing for several years, but have never quite gotten around to.  The first is the MOSES organic conference in Lacrosse, Wisconsin this late February. My preparations for that trip are already underway.

The second is a field trip to Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa (preferable when they’re doing the heirloom tomato tasting–though that’ll mean missing the annual Fill/Hill Labor Day party here in the Vermillion area).

In my defense, part of the reason I haven’t made these trips is that I’ve been tied up with season preparations, and with the CSA these last four years, it has been hard to get away to make even short day trips, nevermind two or three day adventures.

In the spirit of trip-taking, it’s my intention to get back out to the West Coast this year–especially to the Bay Area and up to Olympia and then Seattle, to see my dear friends there.  My online teaching makes it a little more possible to work and travel simultaneously when the gardens aren’t tying me down.  Too, this plan includes visiting markets and community gardens in those areas in order to provide inspiration for my work here.

One sort of amorphous resolution has to do with the garden business–to find a new balance of working with the soil, the farmers market, and the community garden.  I want to divide my focus in a better way between my own growing and helping others to grow, preserve, and market their produce.

And the last resolution I can think of has to do with my online teaching.  I plan to reorganize my literature curriculum, not only in the order of units, but also in the content of the poetry unit.  Further, though I’ve already ordered the novel for this semester, I’m going to change that selection for the summer session (provided I’m offered summer teaching).

I’d like to breathe a little more life into a somewhat dusty curriculum that’s not holding my interest as much anymore–I think that’ll help my own performance in the classes and hopefully reflect some of that new-found excitement back to my students in the virutal classroom.

How about you?  Any resolutions you’d like to share?


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