Soup of the Day: Turkey-Millet

This was the last of the turkey I roasted for the Solstice–a little of the meat I’d frozen and the second pot of stock I made with parts of the turkey frame.

Millet makes a nice grain addition–it’s small like couscous (or pasta stars), with a gentle, nutty flavor.  It also doesn’t take very long to cook–maybe twenty minutes.  I really like using grains other than rice or wheat-based pastas in soups, pilafs, etc.  It makes me feel like I’m getting a wider range of nutrients.

veggies for the soup

veggies for the soup

For the veggies, I sauteed a few purple carrots and the rest of that fennel bulb I bought two nights ago.  There are also a couple of big cloves of elephant garlic in there.  As a few of my friends have mentioned recently (and I completely agree): in our kitchens, garlic is a vegetable, not just a flavoring agent.

The herbs and spices for the soup–salt and pepper, parsley, thyme, crushed hot peppers, plus the pre-flavored stock that had garlic, garlic scapes, sage, more parsley, peppercorns.  There might’ve been a little red wine used to de-glaze the vegetable pan, and the fennel tops were thrown in as well as the bulb.

I threw in half a Rapunzel vegan vegetable (sea salt and herbs) bouillon cube–these are nice on their own, but also good to add richness and complexity to poultry stocks, which can be a little washed-out tasting–especially turkey.

Local ingredients: carrots, garlic, garlic scapes, sage, parsley, hot peppers.  I didn’t get any thyme dried this year because I divided and moved all my thyme plants while constructing an addition to the raised bed.  Having to spend money on an herb I grow in bulk made me very grumpy.


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