A New Year, A New Garden Journal

The Official Record

The Official Record

It’s a little washed out from the sunlight coming in the window, but that top left-hand journal starts in 2000.  With only a few pages left in the 2008 journal, I’ve pulled out and labelled a new one for the 2009 season.

I don’t read back through these journals as often as I should–they’re the accumulated wisdom of the last nine years of home and market gardening.  I thought since starting this blog that I wouldn’t be keeping written records as well as I used to, but I must be, because 2008 took up a whole notebook.  I joke that if the house caught fire, these books would be the first thing I’d grab–other valuables be damned.

I’ve been using this same style of notebook (Mead Five Star) for years because they’re so sturdy and compact.  The cover is waterproof, and they have a double-sided pocket in the middle for the random detritus of the season.  The inside back cover usually has rulers, US map, and metric conversions–though the latest one doesn’t.  The spiral binding is big and sturdy enough to clip a pen inside the rings.

The 2008 edition won’t get stowed away yet because it’s got my end-of-season seed inventory and thoughts on seed needs for 2009 that I’ll need to look at again.  So far, nothing’s been written inside the new edition, save the usual “If Found, Contact:” info on the inside front cover.

Soon enough, my draftings of seed orders and planting plans will take shape in the pages–some simple  lists and jottings, some reflective musings on my ever-evolving philosophy of gardening and life.


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