Link Housekeeping

I’ve been doing a bit of link housekeeping over the last few hours.  Mostly I’ve just been removing links to other sites that are inactive, though I’ve also removed some sites that I’m just not in tune with anymore.

I also removed my “News and Political Links” section.  I don’t know if I’ll leave it gone, but although I posted quite a bit on politics during the election season, this is not a political blog.  It’s a blog about farming, gardening, eating good food, and sustainability issues (OK–and some community, and some journaling).

I just don’t want to get too far off my intended path.  Wherever that’s going.  I tend to see everything as interconnected–enmeshed, so sometimes it’s hard for me to draw boundaries–this blog is about this, and not about that.

Tonight’s housekeeping is an attempt toward re-establishing some boundaries–doing a little hedge-trimming and edging, I guess.  Just wait ’til I set up my fancy new post categories!

P.S.–On January 18, my blog will be one year old!  Happy Birthday, Blog!


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