Sweet and Savory Dinner Salad

We got our wires crossed a bit tonight, and though we’d thought we were having a collective dinner with H’s daughters et al, we didn’t hear from them and weren’t able to get either on the phone.  So, after a long soaking in a hot bath (and getting pretty ravenous), I decided to use some of the ingredients I’d planned for a salad to eat with dinner and instead make a salad for dinner.


I tossed a thinly-sliced red onion in the skillet with some olive oil to soften (medium heat), cracked open a can of chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans), drained and rinsed them, and added them to the pan with some oregano, salt, pepper, and a few red pepper flakes.  Turned off the heat and squeezed in half a lemon and added a little garlic powder.  A little more drizzle of olive oil, too.

Cut up a Gala apple into chunks and tossed them with some leftover juice from some gingered pickled pears (you might use a fruity vinaigrette or white balsamic with pear instead).  Put a couple handfuls of washed baby arugula into each bowl, then sprinkled on the apple chunks and what sweet vinegar remained over the greens.  A grind of pepper.

Scooped a couple big spoonsful of the onions and chickpeas over the top, and then crumbled feta cheese on that.  It was good and satisfying with some of that bacon-onion-oatmeal bread, and by the time we were done, I was pretty happy with our last-minute change of plans.

Local ingredients: Not many, I’m afraid.  The red onions, the red pepper.  The pear flavor in the pickled pear juice was from local pears, I’d wager, and knowing Grace keeps bees, it might’ve been sweetened with local honey.  I know, I’m grasping.  I’ve got to get a cold frame set up for winter greens.  I’ve got to find some local store-able apples ’til my trees start producing.

The bread’s more local, I guess–with Wheat Montana flour (hmm, maybe more like regional), local milk, and local onions.  But this isn’t a contest, is it?  It’s a process and a way of life.  Good eating, too.


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