Drills and Paints

I don’t like asking other people to do something I wouldn’t do–or don’t know if it’s actually possible to do.  So, tonight, I am doing a little “proof of concept” drilling and painting on the community garden sign boards that Dean cut and I primed.

Using the one example sign post (we ordered 36, but they didn’t come in on last week’s Fullerton’s truck), I am marking out the holes on the bottom edge of these  8″ sections of one by four and drilling out the holes for the H-shaped post to fit into.

I painted one side of an example sign, and no, I’m not going to show it because it’s pretty terrible, but it shows the main idea–a big, bold red plot number and some little decorations around it.  I thought I was just going to do “2,” but then my two was a little off-center, so I did “21” instead.  Note to self: latex paints aren’t that great for detail work.

Anyhow, after I did the first example sign–drilled out, slid onto the example post, and decorated, it occurred to me that with one drill and many volunteers at tomorrow’s community volunteer day (honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of course), it might be good to drill out more than one example sign in order to get people going on the painting process.

So, with a pile of curly wood shavings growing on my kitchen floor, I’m drilling two holes each in at least half of the sign boards.  I haven’t screwed one up yet.

I probably shouldn’t have said that.


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