Four Lovely Lemons (an Eat More! post)

Lovely Lemons

Lovely Lemons

H scored these beauties last night at Raziel’s.  The owner had been in California and brought a bunch back from her friend’s tree.  They are fragrant, thin-skinned, unwaxed–nothing like the gnarly, sour, slightly greenish relatives they sell at the local supermarket.

As of right now, I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.  OK–that’s not true–I have too many ideas of what I could do with them.

I’m imagining slicing a couple of them very thin and preserving them in a light sugar syrup.  I’m imagining some sort of lemon chicken dish.  I’m imagining custard and/or ice cream.  But there are only four, and they’re fresh, so I’d better figure out something within the next day or so.  Something that utilizes not just the pulp, but the thin, tender rind as well.

I’m open for suggestions, readers.  Here in South Dakota, we don’t get a chance at four fresh lemons every day (or almost any day), so I want to make something as special as the occasion.  What would you do with four lovely fresh lemons to capture all their sweet, lemony goodness?


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    • Wow! That looks awesome!

      I’ve already used up two of them–one in a tuna-white bean-dill-garlic salad and the other for a half pint of lemon marmalade. But I’ll bet I could make a half-batch of this lemon pickle. Thanks!

  1. I’m confused by the lemon pickle link . . . what are the lemons used for? Does one take some of the rind and use it to season other dishes? but the recipe isn’t pickled lemon, so maybe I’m completely missing the concept. 😉

    the marmalade sounds wonderful. I will pick up some lemons when next I’m down at Pike Place market. bought some plump and sweet strawberries down there to go with a chocolate mousse on Tuesday (the mousse, an old standard from my verm days, flopped, but the chocolatey “soup” was a delicious around the berries anyway).

    Bought a broccoli while I was there, and that will become a hot soup tomorrow, surrounding a medallion of herbed goat cheese and topped with toasted walnuts and a drizzle of olive oil. also have a banana cake to make for a neighborhood get-together sunday night. and a lb of blueberries that need to get used up before they turn. a good weekend ahead. 😀

  2. Oh, you’re lucky. Those are Meyer lemons, it looks like. I’ve been looking for some. I live in AZ, and it seems as though
    there should be some at our farmer’s markets, but I haven’t found any yet. I am hoping to move back to WA in the near future, as gardening is HARD here. The weather gets too hot too early for my favourites, there is no way to grow artichokes or asparagus here. Never mind tender greens. It even gets too hot for tomatoes, if you want those you have to start them about now at the latest. So, keep your fingers crossed that I get to move back to ‘civilised’ gardening territory. I miss the Pacific NW so much.

    • They are Meyer lemons–or they were. I had my local Californian look at them and make the diagnosis. 😉 Made the last one into more marmalade yesterday since I’m heading out of town.

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