Prepping for MOSES*

I won’t be posting much in the next several days, as I am getting ready to attend the MOSES* organic conference in Lacrosse.  We’re leaving Thursday, which means I have three days to get about forty to fifty more essays critiqued, pay my monthly bills, finish and send out the Market Grower Grant, and pack.

Oh, and I have to find a light timer that works, so H. will not be responsible (on top of the dog and the worms I’m hoping will get here Wednesday) for the leeks and onions getting enough light when I’m gone.  They’re not up yet, but I’ve turned on the lights during the day to encourage the sprouting seeds to break through and head towards the light.

Once we hit the road to the conference, I’ll try to send tweets from the road and the conference itself.  You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the left side of the screen, or you can just follow the updates as they appear here on my blog feed.

*MOSES=Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service.  Their organic conference is the BIG ONE in the region.  Sounds like a couple thousand people will be there this year.


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