A Little Pre-Season Garden Clean-up

I actually managed to get a little ahead on prepping and packing to leave for the MOSES organic conference this afternoon.  We were going to head out tomorrow, but the weather starts looking nasty after midnight tonight.

So, I thought I’d share a few images that I and H took yesterday on the first day I’ve gotten out to actually work in the gardens (instead of wandering wistfully, waiting for the snow to melt).

Box Elder Bugs emerging

Box Elder Bugs emerging

These little guys certainly sensed the warm-up, and joined the newly-active lady bugs in crawling over every nook and cranny on the sun-warmed surfaces.

I started a new compost pile out in the gardens as well.  It’s not much of a pile yet–mostly all dead brown stuff, with a few shovels from the tiny little lump that was last year’s makeshift pile.


All was not completely brown in the gardens, though.  There were a few early weeds poking through, and the green onions are re-emerging, too.

green-onions-emergingIt was so gorgeous and warm and perfect, I couldn’t help but take the hand cultivator out and do a little scratching.  It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have any seeds with me, or I would’ve been tempted to plant a little too early–after all, it’s supposed to get pretty cold over the next few days.

early-cultivationThe frost was still down there: in some places, my cultivator tines were going pretty deep; in other places, they were hitting icy soil at an inch or two.

Still, it was a lovely first day out actually doing something of value–pulling down the old tomato and bean vines, lopping off the old broccoli stalks.  I quit after only a couple hours though, recognizing I hadn’t used that particular set of muscles in some time.  Still, it was most happy-making and wonderful…

Image by HL Scholten

Image by HL Scholten

…and Vega, though she still won’t come down to the garden, for fear of the electric fence-monster, had a pretty good time, too.

Image by HL Scholten

Image by HL Scholten


5 responses

  1. Hello! I found your blog, and was amazed by the great photography – wow — so beatiful! I wanted to introduce you to our short film “Fridays at the Farm”. Written and directed by Richard Hoffmann, this film is a personal essay exploring his experience joining a community-supported farm dedicated to growing organic vegetables. Compiled from nearly 20,000 photos, the time-lapse photography and lush macro images are hypnotic and stunning. “Fridays at the Farm” has been on the international film festival circuit for the past year, won two prestigious awards, and is currently on rotation on the Sundance Channel as part of the Green series. It is a beautiful, moving and unique film with a lot to offer audiences of many backgrounds. We’d love it if you made a trailer available on your website, or let your CSA community know about our film!

    Recently reviewed in The Colombia Tribune, Melinda Hemmelgarn wrote that “Fridays at the Farm” is “a masterpiece.. . The film made me cry. But I wasn’t the only one wiping my eyes in the darkened theater. Maybe it was the image of [filmmaker Richard] Hoffmann’s son juxtaposed against the beauty and nourishment of the farm that touched my heart or watching the cultivation of genuine relationships over honest work. No matter what moves you to tears, we all long for bonds with the Earth, our food and community.”

    Please contact us if you’d like more information, or if you’d like to use our film for educational or fundraising purposes — or just check out our site! http://www.coyopa.com
    Many CSAs have used our film to help get those last-minute shareholders in before springtime rolls around.

    We’d love to be in touch. Thanks!

    Monica Moran
    Marketing Director
    Coyopa Productions
    18 West 2nd Street, 2nd Fl
    Media, PA 19063
    office 610-566-6524
    cell phone 215-817-2926

    • @ Monica Moran: I just went to a lecture by Melinda Hemmelgarn yesterday! I am a little overwhelmed with material from the conference as yet, and I am taking a sabbatical from the CSA this season, but I’ll keep an eye out for your film. Thank you.

      @Matt & Kelly–if she weren’t so scared of that electric fence monster, she’d be a real contender for Guardian of the garden–that’s pretty much up to the feral cats right now. But you should have seen how mooshy she got when I returned from MOSES this evening. It reminded me of the infinite rewards of sheltering such a true friend.

  2. No, Vega’s gonna kick Grendel and his mother’s ass. Go, Vega, GO! 😉

    …and how nice to see a new picture of you. I’ll look forward to reading your impressions of the conference.

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