Lighter Day

I didn’t get out to the gardens until about three this afternoon–yesterday’s full-bore day left me more than a little tired and sore.  Did manage to get some seeds in the ground though–large-leaf cilantro and “Green Ice” and “New Red Fire” lettuces.  Vermillionites watch for “Fire & Ice” lettuce mix this May at the farmers market!

I also cleared out a bunch of tomato debris and supports from last year in the west garden.  Then I raked off the area in preparation for tilling the rest of the beds I have planned for that area.  Put in a call to my local straw source for fifty bales if I can get ’em.  I need to lay new mulch in that area so the aisles stay clear of weeds.

Once those beds are in, that whole area will be no-till, but in order to get them started, I’m going to ask H to do some tillage in preparation–then I’ll broadfork them to loosen up the subsoil a bit and do some shaping.  The rest of the beds in that area (all seven of them) I dug by hand, and though I have one more in process that I’ll complete, there’s only so much a gal can do.

After I’d finished clearing the west garden for tillage, Kelly came out and we cleared off a couple cattle panels in the east garden of last year’s tomato debris (and the grass and weeds that grew up through there as well).  Moved two of the three panels in that row up to the northeast garden for a pea trellis–though it’s too wet up there to put it in yet. Maybe tomorrow?

It’s so nice to have help, especially on the heavy-lifting projects.  When I look at all those panels I dragged across the lawns and into the garden and all the posts I drove, I can’t really even believe I did that, for the most part, by myself.

The beds in the east garden need major clearing and some expansion.  Talked to H about tilling the aisles there to seed clover as a cover crop, weed suppressor, and nitrogen fixer.  I have to do some research on the best variety of clover for that purpose.

Altogether, a much lighter day, and though I didn’t get a lot planted or any new beds prepped because of the residual moisture in so many areas, it was good to get a little of the cleaning work out of the way.


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