Mixed Bag

I had started out thinking I’d make a couple of posts on the various projects I undertook today, but just as I didn’t accomplish what I thought I was setting out to do, I’ve decided not to over-tax my weary mind and body by attempting multiple posts.

It occurred to me this weekend, after speaking with last year’s farmers market manager and taking a look for myself at the mess which is West Cherry Street, that we’d better get on figuring out how access to the market is going to be affected starting on May 21st, our first official day of business.

Walked down to City Hall this morning (pretty fancy new digs down there) and talked to the City Manager about the issue.  He directed me to Ron Peterson and Kevin Highman at the SD DOT in Yankton and Project Manager on site, respectively.  Left Ron a message this morning, and he and Kevin collectively called me back this afternoon.

Overall the city and state officials were very helpful and accommodating.  I even got a call in to the Chamber to get the market set up with signs directing traffic to the market from the north side access road.

Headed out to the farm early this afternoon, thinking I’d get something planted, some new beds set up.  But Harry needed help with a few implements out at another farm place, so we headed out a couple miles north and west to pick up a sickle bar mower (with a cast iron engine–HEAVY!) and an old tiller for parts.

He did feed me after that escapade, and then I headed back in to do some more course work.  I thought I wasn’t going to get back out there, but after taking Vega to the dog park this afternoon, I realized the wind had died down enough and it hadn’t started raining–I could still do it!

So I ran back out there and laid out the last two beds in the west garden, planted one of the beds I prepped yesterday with arugula and row-covered it, and worked up another row in the northeast garden and put in yet another round of spinach.  I think I’m getting close to having enough now–and the first two beds are now up and growing.

It’s in my blood, I think, to go absolutely crazy with the planting ahead of a projected two days of rain.  So, the image I’m about to show you is actually before I did the work this evening–an image I took the first time I went out today.

west-garden-layoutOne of the beds within the marking twine lines is already planted and row-covered, and the lines are moved over to the left of where you see them now.

The final project of the night is a mushroom-barley soup, modeled after the Moosewood cookbook’s Hungarian mushroom soup–with morels left over from the last season, garden dill from the freezer, and delicious raw milk I got from my friend Amanda in Brookings yesterday afternoon.



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