Hello, Tomatoes!

tomato-emergence-2009They started yesterday–Purple Calabash was this year’s emergent winner.  This morning, several more varieties are breaking through–though not all of them yet.

I put the tomato flat on the seedling heat mat a couple days ago (letting the peppers and eggplant tough it out for a week or so next door in the tray) to give them a little extra warmth until they emerged.

Tomatoes like to be fairly warm when they’re germinating, but once they’re up and growing, they can be cooled off a bit.  The peppers and eggplant, which like heat pretty much all the time, will be OK for a bit until I can get the heat mat back under them–they’re big seedlings now.

In fact, it’s getting almost time to transplant the eggplant and some of the earlier-emerging peppers into four-packs–they’re really growing fast! Maybe the brief cool-down will cool their heels a bit.

I’ve got the fan going on the seedlings this morning (low setting) to protect them from damping off and to make their stems strong.  Onions and leeks all went outside for hardening off, and the Brussels sprouts are started in cell-packs as well.

I have a bit of extra room on the topmost tray, so I need to go through my seed collection and see what else needs getting started.  Could probably get a few flowers going, and tempted to do some heads of green and speckled romaine–though that can wait ’til it gets a little warmer–there’s lettuce and salad mix already sown directly in the garden.

This afternoon it’s out to the gardens to plant broccoli raab or turnips, deal with the endless lengths of row cover taking up space in the barn and needing de-stapling, trimming, measuring, and folding, and maybe pull the rest of the old pea-and-tomato trellis out of the east garden as well.


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  1. This is a little off topic but I wanted to tell you that your pop corn is GREAT!!!. We purchased a bag of your pop corn at Meadow Sweet in Sioux Falls, and it is wonderful.

    We don’t get to Sioux Falls that often so the next time we are there we will buy 2 or 3.

    Thanks for a great product

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