Spring Garlic and Nettle Frittata

A bit of locavoraciousness for this evening’s meal:

nettle-frittata-ingredientsStinging nettles and spring garlic from the garden, plus eggs from my friend Amanda Svec at Star Grazing in SD beaten with some raw milk from the farm where she works.  I added salt, pepper, and a grating of nutmeg to the egg mixture and wilted the nettles in olive oil beforehand.

Melted some organic butter in the pan, poured in the eggs, added chopped garlic greens and nettles, and dolloped little hunks of goat cheese on top.  When the bottom was set, I transferred the pan the the broiler to finish it off.

nettle-frittata We ate it with Mr. Smith’s peasant bread (not having had time to make my own lately), hot sauce, and grapeseed Vegenaise (to which we are addicted–thanks, Jozef!).

Why go out when you can eat this well at home?

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