Public Comment for Hyperion Air Quality Permit starts TODAY

Today begins the public hearing for Hyperion’s Air Quality Permit from the Department of Natural Resources’ Board of Minerals and Environment.

They’ll accept written as well as oral testimony from the public (that means YOU!) from 3-5pm and from 7-9pm at the Elk Point-Jefferson High School, 402 Douglas Street, Elk Point, SD.

Please remember that this isn’t just an oil refinery (though that would be bad enough).  It’s a refinery for tar sands crude–a dirty, dirty product.  They’re planning on constructing a coal-fired power plant to provide power for the facility.  That’s a double-whammy to the clean air we all breathe.

Don’t let Hyperion and the State of South Dakota ram this thing through without making your voice heard.  This is farm country, not oil country, and emissions from refineries and coal plants are poisonous to the air, water, and soil we depend on for our livelihoods.


One response

  1. i think the board understands what an environmental impact statement is now that the 1st night of hearings are over. we stressed time and time again this is necessary. i think they got the word.

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