Mushroom Mania

I have spent the entire morning and early afternoon going back and forth from my computer to my kitchen, where the morels still sit in piles and piles that don’t seem to diminish no matter how many batches I wash, saute, dry, even sell. Five pounds went to R-Pizza this afternoon, so watch for that morel pie!

They are sandy, sandy buggers, so I am rinsing in a couple changes of water and spinning them in the salad spinner.  Still I’m finding a bit of grit in the bottom of the saute pan when I sizzle them up in butter and let them render their tasty juices.

Four racks of morels in the dehydrator and another rack on top of the fridge.  I’m thinking of stringing some up and hanging them in festive fungi wreaths all over the house.

Two big yogurt containers of sauteed ones in the freezer so far, and I have a bunch more containers for that preparation when I get a second, or third, or fourth wind. I have to be careful though, as the basement freezer is unplugged, and I can only fit so many tubs in the upstairs fridge.

I made a mushroom-barley soup with one spinner-full of morels–thyme and sage in that plus a little beef stock and a dollop of yogurt.  I’m also thinking of mushrooms in puff pastry, calzones, spanikopita with morels–if you have any good ideas, be sure to let me know!


3 responses

  1. My first thought- you donwanna know, it would sound wrong. I love your enthusiasm! It’s inspiring, motivating, thank you!
    In case yoo aren’t aware already a friend let me know the Spink locals will gather at the cafe the 9th after ten-ish to see if there is interest in a farm market, I hope to bring eggs, I feed the girls a special mix & they lay the ‘omega’ healthy eggs.

  2. Isn’t it a great high when there are more morels than you can pick and process? Beware the crash at the end of the season. That happened to me last year and I kept beating a path back to the patch, but like the unearned beauty of youth, they were gone.

    This year there are far fewer morels, but I have adjusted my expectations and grown a bit smarter in the hunting technique, so we’ve still managed to dry a few packages for winter pasta.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Rod Croskery

    • Oh, I’m not beating a path back to any patch at this point. I’ve honestly had enough for this season! I’m sure I’ll be back out next year, though.

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