Probably the last Mushroom Post of the Season

ginormous-mushroomI’ve had several people tell me I should post an image of this beauty, so here it is–a 1/4 pound morel mushroom.  It’s the only one left that I didn’t process in some way either by chopping and sauteing or slicing in half and quarters and drying.

Obviously, it weighs a little less each day as it dries in its basket.  It’s actually probably not the largest by weight of the mushrooms we collected–there were a few where the stems were so crinkled and folded so as to be almost solid (but not solid as in poisonous false morels).  But it’s the largest by diameter–the size of my hand.

A couple quick notes on morels in case you are trying them for the first time–go easy and don’t eat too many at once–they can cause intestinal upset.  Don’t consume them raw, and don’t consume them with large quantities of alcohol, or you might end up in the ER as one of my commenters did.


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