Went out to the gardens to mow and lay mulch yesterday afternoon and left in frustration after I couldn’t get the mower going.  Today was a much better day, with H showing me the specific tricks of the latest farm mower to grace the shed.

I was only able to put in about an hour out there mowing and laying mulch before heading in for a community garden work day.  We spent a few hours cleaning up around beds, edging the flower gardens, playing with compost, and the like. I finally met our Extension agent Cynthia Bergman, who came to help out and even rented a plot!

Tomorrow will give me a few more hours to lay the rest of the mulch in the west garden and maybe even get the broccoli in before the Farmers Market Board meeting tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll remember to wear a hat this time–I’m sporting a heckuva sunburn on my forehead and lower back from today’s lapse of protective gear.

But now, I’m heading back over to the Washington Street Arts Center for the evening’s event: Spring into the Arts.  There’s music, food, wine, art–just about everything I can imagine necessary for a lovely evening.  It’s so perfect out, I may just take my bike!


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