Help Find Craig Arnold

poets narcissusThe image above is of a patch of poet’s narcissus blooming in the home gardens.

I am posting this now because a person who was a part of my life briefly is now lost and feared dead–but very much hoped alive by those who know him–on a small volcanic island in Japan.

His name is Craig Arnold, and he was a visiting poet here at USD a few years ago.  He lived a few houses down the street from me in an apartment later occupied by my dear friend Jen, who is now in Swaziland, Africa with the Peace Corps.

Craig has a great wit and style about him–very physically expressive and open.  He hosted a couple of parties at his place while he lived here, and I remember one English Department function specifically because my now ex-husband tried to start a fight with Craig.

I was horrified at the time, of course, by my ex’s bullying tone over the quiche, but I was so thankful for the ironic and amused way that Craig handled the situation.

I don’t know Craig as well as many do here and in other places throughout the country and the world, but I do know that he is an exceptionally talented poet.

If you are on Facebook, you might consider searching for the group “Find Craig Arnold” for updates.

If you know Craig, or even if you don’t, but you value talented artists, please consider contributing to the fund for the search team that is combing the island of Kuchino-erabu-shima for Craig.


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