Glorious Day–Greens in Abundance

Back from a glorious day in the gardens–it was windy here in town I heard, but the northern shelterbelt kept it to a slight, cooling breeze on the farm for most of the afternoon.

Because of the rains last night, the soil was moist and perfect for hand-weeding the direct-sown salad mix and spinach.  I did that for a couple hours, and also spent a good deal of time clipping Canadian thistle in the west garden–then Kelly came out just as I had decided to give up for the day, and she finished it off.

Finally dug the random kale seedlings out of the window box at the home garden–I’m having my house painted in a little over a week, so naturally the first thing I thought to do was get the veggie plants out of the way.  Transplanted them where I had erratic germination of black Spanish radishes.

Also transplanted the rest of the red onion seedlings where French breakfast radishes erratically germinated.  Note to self: radishes should wait or be row-covered if planting super-early.

Dusted all the brassicas in the north-central garden with diatomaceous earth (flea beetle protection) using my new duster–found it where I find all the other random things I look for everywhere else to no avail–good old downtown True Value Hardware.

Kelly thinned the second of the double rows of broccoli raab (and we were both eyeing that baby bok choy that looks so tender and delicious at the other end of the row–should be thinned soon!), and then I attempted to dust that row, but the wind was picking up and swirling in different directions, so I saved it for another day.

Cruised into town as the sun was setting–ten after eight!  We had snapped some asparagus for Kelly before she headed out–the stalks that looked like their expiration date was overnight.  Then I realized I had little but a few chives and eight or ten stalks of asparagus in the fridge for fresh veggies.

Headed back down to the gardens and scissored a few green onions that weren’t about to bloom (the rest of the row is focused on reproduction right now), and then went for the first spinach cutting of the year.

Tonight’s dinner is one of my High-Pro Glow salads: chickpeas and tuna (both from cans)–drained and rinsed (the beans anyhow).  I flash-roasted the rest of my asparagus in some olive oil with garlic powder and cut that into chunks to add.

Had a half-lemon in the fridge to dress with, a generous grind of pepper and a little salt and oregnao.  Chopped three whole big green onions and added them, along with some of last year’s canned pickled hot peppers.  A few crushed tamari almonds from the nut dish on the table.

I fork-chunked a little gorgonzola into it, too, and when the asparagus was done and removed from the pan, I poured the little bit of garlic-flavored oil left in it over the top.  I served it all up to myself on a bed of fresh spinach, and hedonist that I am, I drizzled just a little blue cheese dressing on top.

I’ll probably serve it to H, when he gets here with a fresh box of red wine, just the same way.

I’ll be harvesting my my lone CSA member tomorrow, as well as for those neighbors and friends who get in touch with me for their orders.  Right now, the best thing coming out of the garden is spinach–and the much-loved and celebrated Goddess salad mix.

If you’re in the area and want to order some to pick up tomorrow afternoon or evening, e-mail me at organicpeas(AT)hotmail(DOT)com.

Farmers Market starts a week from tomorrow!

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