Opening Day at the Farmers Market!

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 21) is the opening day of the Vermillion Area Farmers Market.

For sale, I’ll have all kinds of goodies, including:

Cooking greens: mature arugula, baby bok choi, broccoli raab ($3/bag)

Salad greens: spinach, lettuce, Goddess salad mix ($3 bag/$3.50 for Goddess)

Plus baby spring turnips with succulent greens, and hopefully a few bunches of asparagus. ($2 turnip bunch/$3lb. asparagus)

I’ll also have some delicious pickled goodies, plus heirloom tomato plants, hot pepper plants, and eggplant that I will gladly put into a mixed four-pack of your own design for $2/pack.

There might be a few more surprises as well, so mark your calendar and set your alarm for the opening day of the market!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market
Thursdays from 3-7pm
Clay County Fairgrounds
Corner of Cherry & High Streets
Vermillion, South Dakota

Get some local goodness!


3 responses

  1. Are you guys taking ebt for the vegetable plants? I know it can be used to buy seeds, but I don’t know about the plants.

  2. Claire–

    I just called Sandy Vanneman at SD EBT when I saw your comment. Had to leave a message, but I’ll let you know what I find out.

    OMGosh–I’m so excited!


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