So Much for Tomatoes

If you were planning on purchasing organic tomato plants from me at the farmers market, I hope you got them last week. I was wondering yesterday what was going on with the plants I’d kept at home to bring to the market, and they looked worse this morning.
spray damage on tomatoesAnd then, just inches away, in the median strip between my back walkway and the northern neighbor’s driveway, I saw this:

spray damage 1and this:

spray damage 2and this:

spray damage 3So, now I’m waiting for my neighbors to come home to explain to them how susceptible tomato plants are to what I assume was glyophosphate (or Roundup), and to let them know how much those tomatoes were worth.  And then I guess I’ll toss them in the trash. I’m sure glad all the farm plants went out to the farm over a week ago.

But–on a brighter note, M and I made a deal last night (when he wouldn’t eat the scambled eggs I made for dinner) that he needs to start learning how to cook things he likes.  Tonight we started with one of his favorites–homemade cheese pizza.  We’ve got the dough made and rising now.

We went out the the farm this afternoon, and I did a little weeding.  I thought none of the parsnips had germinated, but they had, and so did all the lamb’s quarter and all the other weeds in that area, so I had a little garden hide-and-seek.  The new green onion row got weeded as well, and I mowed the areas inside the electric fencing wires.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get the last tomato trellis erected and planted with the tomatoes I (thankfully) have had out at the farm for over a week now.


4 responses

  1. I am sorry to hear about the tomatoes. It is definitely depressing to have neighbors who use unnecessary chemicals; I’ve been there. Best of Luck with the situation.

  2. Oh, my. I’m so sorry about your tomatoes. Two years ago, I came home to discover that my neighbor had climbed a fence to apply RoundUp to an “unsightly weed patch” at the edge of our organic garden… actually a huge bed of young basil. I feel your pain.

    • Climbed a fence!?! Wow–I’d be attaching razor ribbon to the top of my fence if I had a neighbor like that!

      They did reimburse and apologize for the damage, so all’s mostly well that ends well.

  3. our tomatoes plants and potatoes plants l think have been damaged bye someones spray ,The leaves have slight curled look and the growth on top of the plant the leaves have completely curled up like a fern type look some off our potatoes have done the same . some are fine its very strange please help kind regards Allan

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