Malaise of a Grey Day

Rain, showers, maybe a thunderstorm. We’ve had a wet early June after a couple weeks of dry spell–the typical June rise.  When the sun finally comes out, the tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, weeds will ROCKET.

But it does present a farmer with a conundrum–what to do when the fields are soggy? In the past, I’ve used this time to hand-pull all the big weeds that have gotten ahead of me–but thanks to my fellow farmer and my partner H, there just aren’t that many big weeds to deal with.

Not sure just what-all I’ll have at the market this week–salad mix is out, spinach was made into spanakopita.  I’ve still got the scarlet queen turnips and some leaf lettuce, though I’ll have to check the quality on that.

It may be a mixed produce and baked goods week.  There’s still some asparagus, too. Oh, and perhaps a few sugar snap peas, though I know my CSA member is looking forward to those–I’ll see how many I have.

I could tie the peas to their trellis a little better even in the rain and wet. That’s something I could do out there. I could hand-pull all the nubs of spinach to make way for more summer crops–the okra needs to get in soon. I could go through my seed boxes and see if there’s anything I missed that needs getting in. I could hand-weed my son’s carrot patch.

I’m thinking since I just transplanted about half a flat of head lettuce, it’s time to start more. When summer commences, I usually get those going in the basement–lettuce likes to be cool for germination.  It might be getting time to start the bigger red fall cabbages as well–though I’ll have to check the days to maturity on those.

But, I also have a couple summer classes going on, and a rough draft proposal essay to critique for the first one. I guess I don’t feel like doing much of anything–the malaise of a grey day–but that’s my cue to get moving in some direction, so the day isn’t a total waste.


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