Chicken Tetrazinni

Oh, how Nick’s Chick(en) has provided me with wondrous meals a-plenty.  Chicken soup with barley and carrots on Friday night, and chicken/apple/shallot salad yesterday.

Tonight’s feast is chicken tetrazinni–loosely based on a couple of recipes I glanced at quickly on the ‘nets and realized could work with what I had around the house. I skimmed the chicken fat from the big pot of stock, added some butter, melted it all, then added Wheat Montana (the BEST) flour to make a light roux.

Then I added some Burbach’s milk, red wine (didn’t have white, oh well), juice of a small organic lemon (bought a bulk bag at Jones’), a couple cups of the aforementioned stock, salt, pepper, and some garlic greens from the freezer I’d dried last year.  Cooked a bit until slightly thickened.

While that was going, I shredded a couple cups of the remaining chicken meat (there’s more left!) into a medium-sized casserole (actually my crockpot insert), and I gathered most of the remaining big leaves of the Fordhook Giant chard I have growing in front of my house (before the painters get to that area), chopped, and added those, too.

I boiled about half a box of whole wheat rotini noodles, drained and added them, and then I poured the sauce over all and mixed.  Lastly, I shredded about half a block of Dimock, SD smoked cheddar over the top and put it in a 350 degree oven.  I’ll take it out in half an hour or so–when it’s bubbly and the cheese is melted.

Local ingredients: chicken (and fat, stock), milk, chard, garlic greens, cheese.

The wine wasn’t local, but it should be said that I’ve been sippin’ on a little of Nate’s Still 173 Rum Ration while I cook and write.  Sadly, my little glass is empty, so I’ve gotta go…


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