No Denying it Now…

housepainting 4My house is officially orange.  A sort of an orange sherbet or creamsicle shade.  Blue and green trim is coming in the next few days.

Tomorrow is projected to be 98 degrees, with a heat index of 107 or so. I’d tell the guys they are welcome to take the day off, but they are hale and hearty souls, so I won’t be surprised if they work through it.

They also primed my doors today, which means in this already awful heat and humidity, I have had to have the doors open and the air (which I’d finally turned on yesterday against the humidity) off. I guess if they can take it…but then, we went to the pool and then down to the Coffee Shop Gallery for ice cream sodas.

Luckily, Vega is a very good dog, and has mostly just stayed in the house, panting and lying in the coolest spots she can find. Occasionally, she walks out into the yard and collapses on a patch of cool green grass (which really needs mowing) and looks very pleased with herself for being so free.


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