Spink Farmers Market!

Just visited the new Spink Farmers Market for the first time this morning.  They’ve recently moved from a twice-a-month schedule to every Saturday from 10am to 2pm–right across the street from the Spink Cafe. No more guessing if the market is on–it’s a sure bet they’ll be there if it’s Saturday!

Today’s bounty included beans, cukes, lots of nice cabbages, onions, yellow beans, new potatoes, and (of course) zucchini and summer squash.  There were also some great bars, cookies, and some crafts.

The market is easy to get to–get on I-29 northbound and it’s the first exit north of Vermillion–then head east a couple miles, past the historic Garryowen Catholic Church-turned antique shop (and now for sale!)

You can also take the scenic route–simply take Hwy 50 across the interstate bridge, then turn north when you see the sign. It’s a lot closer than you think–a pleasant 15-minute or so drive from Vermillion.

The market is perfectly timed for a leisurely late Saturday morning breakfast or lunch inside the Elvis memorabilia-bedecked cafe or on their lovely front porch, where you can watch community-building in action as market vendors sell their wares and chat with their neighbors and the visitors who happen along.

So, make sure to drop by the new Spink Market and check out the newest addition to the area’s local food scene.

Hope to see you there!


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