West Nile and other delights

I can’t say as I’m terribly surprised to have spent the night in feverish pain after being bitten by so many dozen mosquitoes in the last several weeks.  Though I’ve been dousing myself with Herbal Armor and DEET-based sprays as well, those buggers have been awfully thirsty for blood, and I’ve given more than my fair share.

Of course, I haven’t been diagnosed–I suppose this could be something totally different. But I’m blaming my illness on West Nile and on a stressful last couple of weeks that has lowered my immunity. I’ll head to the doctor if my brain starts leaking out of my ears.

The CDC tells me that most people who contract West Nile may not show any symtpoms whatsoever–but then there are a few who will be ill with fever, body aches, stiffness, and general tiredness and malaise for anywhere from two days to several weeks. I’m hoping for the shorter period, myself.

At any rate, I am moving slowly toward getting ready for tomorrow’s market anyhow–lots of young and tender summer squashes, Austrian Crescent fingerling potatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, and maybe even a very few of the first tomatoes are on tap.

I hope to see you there!


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    • Found out that two other family members are also feeling the shakes and pains, so unlikely it is actually West Nile. Some other lovely bug, I guess. I’ll be dosing myself for a better night’s sleep tonight!

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