Two Days…

…or so before I head out for a little last-ditch attempt at summer vacation in Seattle.

As you can imagine, I’m trying to clean up the house and get my garden protectors educated.  I also have to deal with this pile of produce in some way–probably both canning and freezing projects at this point.

There’s some tasty bits left over from the farmers market yesterday–a ton of sweet and lemon basil in baggies, a few small tomatoes–mostly Yellow Perfections, a couple dozen or so sweet bell peppers (and bless the man who bought twenty of them before the market even opened yesterday), a couple of eggplant.

And then there’s two boxes of tomatoes picked in the last few days that weren’t quite ripe enough to bring to market, but will be ripe enough today or Saturday that they’d better get into the sauce-pot before I leave.

I’m thinking all of this together would look like ratatouille if I hadn’t sold most of the eggplant, so now I’m looking at tomato sauce and a separate chopping and freezing of the peppers. Maybe a mixed-veggie roasting.

And then there’s my course work.  I had thought I’d get everything set to go for my online courses this week.  Yeah–that didn’t happen.  But my dear friend in Seattle will also have to work while I’m there, so the laptop and books will come too, and I guess it’ll be a working vacation.

That’s OK–my readers know I’m pretty much a workaholic anyhow–no need to enforce a no-work week when I’m there.  At least I won’t be tempted by the gardens and the food preservation projects–I’ll be far from that favorite of all procrastinations.

So, the dishes are done–but only to allow myself to make more dishes as I get all the produce safely away–and I might also have to hit up my restaurant friends to see if I can make them a sweet deal on all that sweet basil.

I’ll have to find a lawnmower as well–the yard is looking super-furry and I’ve let it get too far gone for the reel mower to do anything but make it more ragged.

Upside to all this preparation and procrastination is that if I can find a smaller digital camera, I’ll be doing not only my coursework in Seattle, but some blogging-with-images as well!


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