One More Day

So what am I doing?  Well, I hopped up early to clean up the kitchen mess from last night’s pressure-canning project and then started processing tomatoes through the strainer for sauce.  It’s possible those’ll be out of the canner before noon–or maybe right at noon.

While the sauce was cooking down, I dashed off a quick letter to my dear friend who I’ll be seeing tomorrow at 9pm Pacific time when I step off my plane in Seattle, then I tucked the letter into his birthday box and ran it down to the post office to get it sent off priority mail, so I won’t have to pack it.

Couldn’t resist a peek in the Civ while I was out (praying I’d turned the tomato sauce down enough that it would simmer, but not scorch), and found two pairs of shoes, two long-sleeved shirts, and a dress-length hooded red wool cardigan sweater–all for $7.14.

I know the last thing I ought to be doing is buying new (to me) shoes before I go on a trip during which I’ll be walking extensively, but for two bucks a pair, why not?  Band-aids are cheap!

The long sleeves and woolly sweater are ostensibly for Seattle’s chilly climate, but who am I fooling?  We had a chilly maritime, yet land-locked summer right here.  I’ve been wearing long sleeves all season–either because of the chill or because of the mosquitoes, or because of heavy work.

This afternoon’s trip-preparation projects include mowing at the farm and using the grass-seedy trimmings and fresh-cut greenery to turn and heat up the compost pile, picking whatever needs it and then desperately trying to find takers for the veggies I don’t get processed, and dropping off my sweet puppy at the kennel since they don’t take in boarders on Sundays.

Don’t feel sorry for her–she loves it there.  It’s at the kennel that she recognizes her true calling–as doggie social maven.  It’ll be me who’s lonely and blue without my chief companion and greeter.

But it’ll only be for a day, and then the working vacation will commence.  I’ve got to track down one more book that I ordered and that was supposed to come to the house, but didn’t, and then I’ll start packing tonight or tomorrow morning.

Tonight’s dinner is already in progress–what was left of the tomato sauce is simmering down to a thicker consistency, and I’ll use up some drained corn relish and the rest of the cheese in the fridge for a homemade pizza.

But first–what to do with all these baskets of peppers?


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