Sudden Disappearance Explained

Back on the ‘nets after a sudden several-days hiatus in which I pressure-canned 11 quarts of ratatouille, 4 quarts of TOS (that’s tomatoes-okra-squash), and seventeen assorted-size jars of salsa.

I also dried a couple of trays of Red Pear tomatoes, harvested for and attended two farmers markets, and tried to keep the kitchen clean with all the produce-build-up and preservation projects.

This was also the first essay critique week in my two sections of online composition–about 40 essays to comb through for comma errors, tense shifts, and the assorted pitfalls of grammar, organization, and clarity.

It was also the first week of full reading responses from my two sections of literature, so I read through the 100+ messages there and further clarified terms like deus ex machina (as well as reminding students to avoid allowing their word processing programs to “fix” that term for them–“dues ex machine” just doesn’t have the same ring).

But, I managed to get through it all, and I’m looking forward to a mellow day of tomato-picking, dish-washing, and probably baking and freezing a big squash that isn’t curing well.  M’s here; we’ve gone through and talked about all his recent school papers, and we’re considering our usual Spirit Mound climb to celebrate this lovely day.

Things are looking a little less hectic for the week to come, so I should be posting again on my regular schedule.


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