Frost on the Pumpkin

When I walked out the door this morning, I thought, no way–not even close.  It seemed downright warm, though I was wearing a couple layers top and bottom in anticipation of a chilly work morning in the Community Garden.  There was not a frosty blade of grass in sight.

Then I headed out to the farm to pick up tools for the group of Vermillion High School freshmen who were coming to help pull weeds, clear paths, and turn the compost .  It was about 7 a.m., and as I drove out through the brightening morning, I started seeing the signs.

Yep–frost struck the farm last night (or rather early this morning).  It’ll be hard to tell what the total damage is until later today.  It was patchy as predicted, but it was COLD out there–much colder than in my little sheltered neighborhood in town.

I took a moment to stroll around the gardens before loading the wheelbarrow and numerous shovels, rakes, and forks into the back of the truck, and it didn’t look like anything but the squash would be completely destroyed.  I may get a few more peppers yet.

Back into town, I met my fellow coordinator, Dean, and Cindy, our Extension Horticultural Agent at the gardens and started unloading tools and discussing work plans.  Since I woke up an hour and a half before my alarm was set, I’d had some time to mentally divide the students in groups and figure out the best way to get things looking a little more spruce.

We worked those students hard!  I’ll admit my idea was to “”work ’em while I got ’em”–wear ’em out and get everything done.  They were pretty game with that, but Cindy suggested a break time with doughnuts, and at that point, I’d been working myself pretty hard as well, so it sounded good.

They did an amazing job getting the incredibly weedy paths cleared and then re-mulched with paper and wood chips, the compost area cleared and neatened up, and the compost pile itself renewed and re-layered with all the good green stuff coming out of the aisles.

If you’re in the area, stop by and take a look at the Community Gardens.  Then take a look again in late October, by which time, we’ll have our new tool shed!


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