Heading for the Coteau

At the last minute, I had a change of scheduling with M so that he’ll be up north for Summit’s annual celebration of how crazy their weather is (a.k.a. Fog Fest) this weekend and down here for a longer weekend to celebrate USD’s homecoming (with parade and chili cook-off) and Native American Day (Columbus Day for you folks outside SoDak) next weekend.

I had not previously even considered the possibility of attending the Dakota Rural Action Annual Meeting at the Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary, SD.  That’s not to say I didn’t want to or think I ought to, only that I considered it an impossibility.

All that changed two days ago, and now I’m scrambling to tie up loose ends to head out this afternoon.  Since Gary is fairly close to Summit, I may end up catching part of Fog Fest on Saturday afternoon–I’d hate to miss the Adult Blindfolded Lawn Mowing Team Competition, after all.

Out at the farm this morning–well I’m glad I had two thick wool layers on.  It is miserable–cold, windy, and rainy.  I couldn’t help feel a little odd picking the tiny cukes still being produced by my plants.  That seems like something you do in summer, not with winter nipping at your heels.

I also pulled the rest of the melons (only two, I’m afraid) and the last three neck pumpkins out of the garden.  Back at the house, dish-washing was in order, and the three little boxes of cherry tomatoes that didn’t sell at market yesterday needed to be processed in some way to keep the fruit flies from a meal.

Of course, I’ve written extensively about those tiny Coyote tomatoes, and how I’ve been making the extra effort to pick them with their little stems intact to keep them from splitting.  It’s not a big deal to remove those stems if you’re eating them one at a time, but when you’re cooking them en masse–Oy Vey.

H and I also tested the specific gravity of our batch of Concord grape wine this morning, and we couldn’t resist taking a little taste as well.  Nothing you’d want to drink a lot of at this point, but certainly alcoholic!

With about an hour to go before I planned on hitting the road, there’s still a lot to do (and here I sit writing this post!), but I think I’ll make it out at a reasonable time to hit the barbeque tonight.  So long as my little light truck doesn’t get blown off the road!


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