Autumn FAIL

Snow October 12 2009 2I woke up at 4:30 this morning, after a sleepy little boy padded down the hall to use the bathroom and then a sleepy big guy also woke up to use the bathroom.  I’m actually not that light a sleeper except during the hours of 4-6 a.m.  At that time of the morning, if anyone else gets up even for a minute, I wake up.

In the early hours, I can either get up and be productive (making everyone think I’m nuts), or I can lie in bed awake until about the time it starts getting light, then fall asleep for maybe fifteen to thirty minutes until the dog comes and snorts in my ear.

Decided I didn’t care if everyone thinks I’m nuts–got up, made coffee, got dressed, turned on the computer to start working on lit class lecture notes.  Then I took the dog outside.  What the heck?

Snow October 12 2009It’s actually deeper now–these were taken at about 5 a.m.  Looks like I might need to shovel today.  But I’m done with the most important parts of my coursework, and my little guy is asleep on the couch after coming out to tell me I woke him up and deciding he wanted to hang with me in the early morning quiet.


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