Goosemobile in Vermillion

Mark your calendars for December 12 from 1-2pm, as Tom and Ruth Neuberger’s famed Goosemobile will be swinging through Vermillion on their holiday route.  They’ll be setting up in the (old) Pamida parking lot.

The Goosemobile carries all kinds of naturally raised and organic South Dakota meats–goose, sure, but also beef, chicken, pork, goat, and lamb.  If you want to make sure they have what you want when you get there, click on the link above and call or e-mail them with your order.


4 responses

  1. I don’t–I’d suggest e-mailing or calling them to find out. I would be surprised if they didn’t accept some sort of card payment, but you never know…

    • Bummer. They were at my talk on accepting EBT/debit at last year’s farmers market workshop, so maybe they’ll get on it. Accepting debit and credit is a really good way for meat vendors to make more sales–even if you have to charge a little fee to do it (so says my friend who recently attended a value-added meat conference).

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