Thanksgiving Plans

Yes, it’s very nearly Thanksgiving, and I’ve been working out the menu with H’s daughter K, who has agreed to do the bird (a locally-raised beauty) roasted with some whole small local onions and chunks of apple and the gravy and cranberry sauce and host the thing at her place.

That leaves me with a few different dishes that I’m throwing together in my mind and trying to collect the ingredients for on a more physical plane.  Mashed potatoes are easy enough–I’ve got a fifty pound bag of Gary Bye’s red ones in the basement as well as a few left in the upstairs pantry.

Stuffing is going to be fabulous made from a loaf of Red Wagon’s sourdough (the other loaf will be for eating with the meal), and I’ve decided to make pumpkin custard instead of pie to lighten the workload.  There’s also the fact that my little guy, who is the pumpkin fiend, won’t eat the crust anyhow.

Last but not least I’ve decided to make a warm salad of greens from the garden.  That’s right, I said it–from the garden!  I haven’t harvested the mustard greens for a month, and I pulled two bags of tender young greens out of the row that’s been growing ever-so-slowly in the waning light of the year.

I also pulled a third bag of dino kale (that’s in tonight’s dinner), and a few mature leaves of arugula that’ll go in the Thanksgiving salad as well.  There’s still some leaf fennel growing in the window box outside–that be good in there along with some chopped tamari almonds and some of the neighbor’s plums I canned last season.

For the dressing I’m thinking a warm (to wilt the spicy greens and take the edge off) one with a little fat rendered from some locally-sourced bacon, plus some white balsamic and a little of the canned plum juice for sweetness. Maybe a tiny dab of ginger spread mixed in?

I might even try to get some goat cheese in there, but that seems like it might be a little over the top what with everything else we’ll be gnoshing on that day.  Maybe some of that mild white Mexican crumbling cheese they have at Jones?  It’s exciting to consider the possibilities…

Local foods likely to be involved: turkey, apples, onions, herbs, pumpkin, greens, plums, potatoes, milk, bacon.

How about you?  What’s the most exciting dish you’ll be serving up (or you’re still in the process of imagining) this Thanksgiving?


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  1. Does mulled wine count as a ‘dish’? The spice is from Montana Tea Company in Missoula that I bought at Someone’s In the Kitchen in Rapid City on my way home from Montana, oddly enough. And the wine is going to be from Schade’s in Volga or Prairie Berry in Hill City. Do you think that’s local enough? 🙂 Your salad sounds awesome! Have a lovely holiday…

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